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RD3 INC. is an independent and professional consulting firm that concentrates on providing government research and experimental tax incentive expertise to small, medium and large sized companies from all industry sectors throughout Canada.

RD3's staff members regularly attend government (CRA) meetings and conferences that are dedicated to SR&ED. Our professionals keep current with ever changing legislation and tax laws to ensure that our clients consistently maximize their research and development programs.

RD3's expertise, understanding and devotion to project details and eligibility requirements has built and sustained strong working relationships with our clientele base and their associated accounting firms. RD3 does not perform any traditional accounting and tax compliance services, and therefore does not create conflicted loyalties.

RD3's goal is to provide your company with specialized education and training for you and your key personnel to effectively identify and substantiate qualifying research activities, without fear of repercussions. We will work with you to help your company effectively identify all R&D activities and successfully maximize your claim to the fullest.

Many Companies overlook Qualifying Activities in their Day-to-Day business i.e. engineering, quality assurance, production, new products, nightmare jobs, information technology, etc.

To understand your business operations and help identify areas of R&D, our process always initiates with a site visit of your facility and operations. By doing this we can help physically point out within your own working environment areas where potential R&D may hide and how you can identify them.

We help facilitate financial relief for technological advancements that your company is developing. These funds can be used as you see fit to stay competitive in today's global market. All of RD3's services to our clients cost nothing if the claims are found to be ineligible; our fees are only obtained when you the tax payer, receive credit from the CRA.

Get a piece of the pie!

Last year the CRA gave out over 4 billion dollars through the SR&ED program. Let RD3 help you get a piece of that pie!

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